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As we have entered the 21st century the demand for a focal point in new homes has increased. Moorhouse Stairs focuses on the customer’s ideas and requirements for a magnificent outcome of both behaves, the builder and buyer. We twine in many different elements such as glass, iron, and spectacular woods to create an eye-catching staircase. Here at Moorhouse Stairs we take pride in what we do. We specialize in unique, one of a kind wooden stairs. Our goal is to put amazement in people’s eyes about how we do it.

We are a family owned business that takes pride in our work. We keep the natural form of a staircase by keeping them wooden, but we add a creative sense and weave in elements like metal balusters and glass side paneling. We create straight, curved, or circular stairs to best fit your home.

Staircase building is a great artistic talent and we are blessed to be able to produce such a magnificent piece of furniture. Choosing a staircase is a once in a lifetime decision. Moorhouse Stairs will not let you down. We are located in Pennsylvania but mainly focus our work in New Jersey. We take your ideas and work with them step by step.

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